Workshop Sausage Making
Sausage making seems like an old craft and maybe a thing of the past, but this workshop will teach you how to make - FUTURE - sausages and this superpower you can repeat and alter at home.

Sausage power
Fruit salamis are little pieces of magic, they can be made with various seasonal fruits and or vegetables, dried in your oven, and stored without refrigeration for up to a year. They are a great solution against food waste and so addictive you will want to make them again and again.

Bangers with mash and other vegetables are so versatile and easy to make. It is a fun recipe you can make in advance and freeze ready for the grill whenever you want. It helps reduce calories in sausages and increase vegetables in your diet. Also, these little flavour bombs are perfect for using up leftovers or wonky vegetables.

Black pudding with chocolate is one of the more advanced sausage types to make with a butcher. This recipe is based on an ancient Italian tradition that mixes pork blood and chocolate (optional) into a dessert. This sausage is more savoury than sweet due to its addition of pork belly, onions, nuts, and spices and can be combined with caramelized apples for a delicate entrée or baked with sausages and tomatoes for an English breakfast.

What sausage workshop would you and your group like?

Beginners level -
you will learn how to make simple, but delicious sausages with only home equipment used, this makes it easy to reproduce the sausages at home afterward.

Medium level -
you will learn how to make a specific sausage of your choice, but for example, fruit salami would fit well here.

Expert level -
with a butcher and butchery equipment, including specialized ingredients. The result can be a sausage that needs curing or drying and might stay with the butcher until ready. This creates unique and precious souvenirs to take home and keep for special occasions.

Kids -
Kids love cooking! And even better, if your kid is not the most adventurous eater, involving them in the cooking of it ignites their curiosity. This workshop for kids and parents is primarily to have fun together and make something delicious while doing it.

All workshops can be adapted to your specific needs and if you have any questions feel free to contact me at

Image 1, 5, 8 by Jonas Marguet, image 2, 3, 7 by Noortje Knulst, image 4 by Emile Barret and 6 by Carolien Niebling