Workshops and tastings
With over 8 years of experience exploring food and food production from a designer's perspective, I have gathered a unique toolkit. In the studio, we work on research, design, teaching, and developing events, workshops, and tastings.

On the menu: lectures (food design, delicacy & disgust, food waste, the future sausage, etc) lectures combined with tastings (with insects, seaweeds, herbs, leaves, flowers, future foods, etc) or simple cooking sessions.

If your event, course, or celebration needs a fitting inspirational boost, feel free to contact me at

Connecting Tomorrow for Swissnex
One of my favorite experiences done recently has been for nex20, an event for Swissnex about the next 20 years of connecting the dots in science, education, and innovation. A fully virtual but definitely not “just another video call” workshop with inspirational interludes from interaction designer Erika Marthins, and food futurist Carolien Niebling as they will guide us through an immersive experience, unlocking your creativity by tickling your senses.

All participants received a sustainably constructed and uniquely designed event toolbox via post which contained instructions for futuristic culinary experiences such as a mind-opening meditation, an augmented reality filter for immersive eating, a conversation-starting insect course, and a mouth-massaging feedback prepper.

Image 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 by Nicolas Polli, image 2, 7 are stills from a video by Jonas Stadter & Edgar Koop